One phrase is always at the forefront of J-Suns service packages... Preventative Maintenance. For you salon to run smoothly, without failure, cost effectively and most importantly, under safe conditions, it is very important to service your tanning equipment at regular intervals to ensure optimum performance, safety and revenue.

J-Suns have over 18 years experience in the tanning industry and are familiar with virtually all makes and models of tanning equipment. Tanning equipment service and repair is quite a specialised field and often salon owners do not know who to contact when they have a problem. If equipment has ran out of warranty you may find that there is nowhere to turn other than your manufacturer, often resulting in waiting periods and fixed prices for repair. There is a better option... J-Suns!

As sunbed service and repair is so difficult to find, we can meet your sunbed repair needs wherever you are in the UK. We can offer a comprehensive range of services at a sensible price, with prompt response times and a very high standard of customer service.

repair is part of the equipment warranty however when the warranty on your equipment expires you may find that your manufacturers cannot send out an engineer for days or even weeks. While your equipment is sat unused your business is suffering. Out of order signs on sunbeds that need repair make your salon look untidy and unreliable. When a sunbed needs repairing we are available across the UK to visit your premises and repair the sunbed on site. Our sunbed repair service is cheaper than most manufacturer rates and our callout times are quicker.

  • Sunbed Repair
  • Sunbed Installation, Moving and Rebuilding
  • Sunbed Maintenance
  • Sunbed Valeting
  • Sunbed Technical Advice
  • Sunbed Refurbishment

Should ever come the time where you move premises and need some professional help in re-siting your tanning equipment, then give J-Suns a ring. We have years of experience in removing & re-siting tanning equipment and beds, making sure all the necessary precautions are taken care of so once moved, your equipment works as well as it did before it was moved. Our vehicles are equipped with all the correct lifting and handling gear to ensure your assets are kept in as pristine condition as you would expect and we have the capacity to transport your tanning beds in correct positions, not just thrown onto the back of a van!




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